List of Martinus' work

Martinus named his complete work the Third Testament. At first, we present the central parts of the work:

Livets Bog
The Book of Life, part 1-7: Martinus central work of more than 2000 pages. The first two parts were available in English in 2001.
The Eternal Worldpicture
Part 1-4: Contains Martinus' symbols with explanations. The last two volumes are still only available in Danish. The Martinus Institute plans to publish two more volumes with still not published symbols.
Here Martinus presents his central thoughts. 320 pages. Available in English.
Bisættelse (Removal to the Mortuary)
Martinus describes our inner micro universe and the funeral culture of the future. 240 pages. Not as yet available in English.

The small books:
Several of the books contain several articles. The title is in bold. Books with Scandinavian title are still not published in English.

  1. The Fate of Mankind.
  2. Easter.
  3. Vad är sanning? (What is the truth?).
  4. Kring min missions födelse (Around the Birth of my Mission).
  5. The Ideal Food.
  6. Blad ur Guds bilderbok (Leaves of God's Picture-Book). Pingstglans över livet.
  7. Den längst levande avguden (The Longest-Living Idol).
  8. Mänskligheten och världsbilden (Humanity and the Worldpicture).
  9. Mellan två världsepoker (Between Two World Epochs).
  10. Kosmiskt medvetande (Cosmic Consciousness). Mental Supremacy.
  11. The Mystery of Prayer.
  12. The Road to Initiation. Around my Cosmic Analyses. Gift Culture.
  13. Julevangeliet (The Christmas Gospel).
  14. Bevidsthedens skapelse (The Creation of Consciousness). Tanker omkring påske. Julelysene.
  15. Ud af mørket (Out of Darkness). En glimt från verdensgenlösningen. Getsemane have
  16. The Principle of Reincarnation. The Galaxy of the Universe. Unnatural Fatigue. Through the Void of Space.
  17. World Religion and World Politics. Terrestrial Man's Cause of Fate. Pilate, Christ and Barrabas. Why shall one Forgive one's Neighbour?
  18. Livets skæbnespil (The Game of Fate). Den store fødsel. Primitiv og intellektuell gudsdyrkelse. "Dyrets billede" og "Guds billede".
  19. Kosmiska glimtar (Cosmical Glimpses). Högintellektualitet och lågintellektualitet. Femte budet.
  20. Meditation. On the Altar of Love. Humanity one with God.
  21. Hinsides dødsfrygten (Beyond Fear of Death). Det psykiske tempel. Dømmer ikke. Vejen, sandheden og livet.
  22. The Road of Life. Mental Prisons. The Secondary and the Primary Resurrection.
  23. The Immortality of Living Beings. The Necessity of Spiritual Science. Primitivity and Superstition.
  24. Kulturens skapelse (The Creation of Culture).
  25. Vägen till paradiset (The Road to Paradise).
  26. Djævlebevisthed og kristusbevidsthed (Devil and Christ Consciousness). Udødelighed. Guds skapelse af mennesket. Verdenssituationen.
  27. Världsfredens skapelse (The Creation of World Peace). Jaget och evigheten.
  28. Marriage and Universal Love.

Other books and booklets:

The preface to Livets Bog. (booklet)
Genom dödens port (Through the Gate of Death).
Memories of Martinus. Martinus talks about his life in a series of interviews.
Samarbejdsstrukturen (The Structure of Co-Operation). This book is compiled by the Martinus Institute and gives a central insight in the structure of co-operation of the future and the administration of Martinus' work. It is compiled after the physical departure of Martinus.
Vejen til den sanne lykke (The Road to True Happiness). (booklet)
Martinus Cosmology - An Introduction.

All these books may be ordered from the Martinus Institute.