Sound Gallery

Martinus was an active and dynamic lecturer. Here we have collected some Danish sound examples from his lectures and question times in Varnhem or Jönköping, Sweden, during the years 1965-1969.

The sounds are in compressed WAV format. In case of problems, try to download a more recent version of your player.

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Are the analyses of Martinus correct?
<a href="../sounds/FACIT.WAV" class="brodtext">Click here</a>
"Each single result shows that one should be loving!"
The Godhead
<a href="../sounds/GUDOMEN.WAV" class="brodtext">Click here</a>
"The Godhead is the large macro being in which we live, exactly as we have myriads of micro beings inside our organism."
The so-called evil
<a href="../sounds/UBEHGODE.WAV" class="brodtext">Click here</a>
"No doubt there is that which is unpleasant, but it is an unpleasant good!"
The human being not finished!
<a href="../sounds/MENNEJF.WAV" class="brodtext">Click here</a>
"Man is not finished; therefore she cannot be a source of joy and blessing for the surroundings to such an extent as she should be and as will attain."

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