An overview of the work of Martinus

Martinus was active as a writer during nearly 60 years. He came to write some central works and a number of smaller books. He named his complete work "The Third Testament".

Livets Bog (Leavets Boh - The Book of Life) part 1-7: This is his main work with over 2000 pages. It points to the fundament of a new science of life.

The Eternal Worldpicture part 1-4: Here we find the symbols of Martinus with explanations. The Martinus Institute is planning to publish more books. These first books cover the basic symbols.

Other books - there are about 30: Here we among other books find the books Logic, The Fate of Mankind, World Religion and World Politics etc.

Articles: The articles of Martinus are published in the periodical Kosmos, which may be ordered at the Martinus Institute.


What can I start to read?

It is often an advantage to participate in a few lectures which give an introduction to Martinus Cosmology. Some people may wish to begin with the main work Livets Bog, others prefer one of the smaller books. The following books are usually more popular to begin with and are possible to order at the Martinus Institute:

Logic: Here Martinus describes his central thoughts and leads the reader towards a more thorough logical understanding of life. Logical may in this context also be translated as love-scientific. 320 pages.

The Fate of Mankind: Here Martinus tells about the foundations for a cosmic world structure. He describes the future of mankind and its present crisis. 84 pages.

The preface of Livets Bog is possible to order separately and gives a unique introduction to the basic motivation of Martinus to mediate this world picture. It extends over 16 pages.


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