Symbol no. 16 - The Eternal Body

Symbol 16 - The Eternal Body



1. The white triangle in the middle symbolises the 'I' of this being, which is the fixed point of the transmitted and returning movements.

2. The white flame cross expresses that the eternal body of the living being in every moment is perfect. It is, in its entirety, in balance. All under- and overbalances can only take place as local phenomena in the eternal body.

3. The manifold of violet circle roads or cycles that originate in and return to the 'I' symbolises all various sorts of movement that constitute the created organs, bodies, manifestations and life experience.

4. The largest circle that a being is able to experience in the physical terrestrial life is precisely the experience of that terrestrial life. It is in itself an activation of movement originating in the 'I' and returning to the 'I'.

5. In the symbol, the cycles are represented in four sizes. This only symbolises that the cycles are present in different sizes. Cycles of microscopic nature exist as well as cycles that extend through millions and millions of years.

6. The eternal body consists of all existing kinds of movement.


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Translated from Esperanto by Clifford Weinmann