Martinus Cosmology in the world

Martinus own journeys

Martinus himself travelled to a number of countries during his life in order to lecture on his cosmology and meet interested people. He among other countries visited Sweden, Iceland, England, Japan and India. In Scandinavia there is today a stable interest for Martinus Cosmology. Martinus anticipated that his cosmology would be translated to a great number of languages.

Lectures in various parts of the world

Fellow-workers to Martinus made several lecture journeys to England, India and other countries. Later lecture journeys and introductions have been carried out on individual initiative in Europe, Asia, Latin America, USA, the Middle East, West Indies and Australia. Interviews have been given in radio, TV and newspapers in several parts of the world.

Martinus was of the understanding that no traditional missionary work should be carried out, but that everything should be governed by personal interest and initiative. Today there is, beyond study groups and interested people in Scandinavia, a small but stable interest in several countries.

Martinus Cosmology translated to several languages

Today Martinus Cosmology is translated and published in a number of languages beyond Scandinavian. This among other languages extends to English, Esperanto, French, Dutch, Chinese, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Czech, German.

A complete list over translations is available on this web site under the menu choice Literature.

Martinus Cosmology and internationalism

Martinus via his cosmology points to a growing internationalism and the need for a deeper mutual understanding of the existence. His cosmology actually lays the foundation for a deeper humane and international renaissance. The interest of this world picture will presumably grow gradually and calmly during a long time in the future, through a growing exchange between humans and cultures.

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