Secondary literature on Martinus Cosmology

There are about 60 books or booklets published around Martinus Cosmology and Martinus by other authors than Martinus. In some of the books his analyses are contained as part of another connection. Most of these books are however not as yet available in English. Here we will list those available in English, available at the Martinus Institute unless specified otherwise.

Gerner Larsson, Erik: Martinus

A classic introduction book written by Martinus' secretary as early as 1933. 94 p.

Frederiksen, Gunner: Martinus - the man and his work

Theme booklet, available from the publisher Kosmologisk Information (new window), Klintvej 104, Klint, DK-4500 Nykøbing Sj., DENMARK, phone/fax +45 5930 5272. Check also (new window)

Byskov, Else: Death is an Illusion

A new (2002) and thorough introduction to the world picture.
Available from Paragon House (new window).