Children's Introduction (second page, there are five!)

FELIX: And after that when you are developing forward and.... like.... hmm.... you come in to the spiritual world.... do you totally lose your body and float around like an unblessed spirit in world-space? I don't quite understand.

FELICIA: That is because we are not used to thinking in that way. Try again to think about it. Just because we are invisible does not mean that we do not exist or do not have a body. It just means that the material which the body consist of is less dense and because of that our eyes cannot comprehend it. To be able to develop from one stage to another, we have to change our old and "worn out" bodies into new bodies. When you die you get something like a holiday in the spiritual world and after that you get born again with another body so you can continue developing. It is called "reincarnation".

FELIX: But what if I get born into the wrong place? What if I as a dog were born as a kitten to cat-mother, I don't think I could accept that or the idea of re.. re... reincarnation.

FELICIA: Listen carefully now with those big ears of yours. When you die you leave your body and you get a holiday in the spiritual world where you remain for a while. Later you get born again into the physical world, you'll be happy to know, to a couple of dog-parents. All parents, it does not matter which species they belong to, can just attract individuals who are on the same frequency as their own bodies and psyche and slowly, very slowly we are developing the stage of the human being and then further on again to the other stages and so on.

FELIX: But who exactly flies out of a dead body to live on further in the spiritual world and who then decides to make a new body for itself again?

FELICIA: All living Beings consist of an "I" who can record and think. We have a "talent for creating" and because of that ability we can make things here in the physical world like for instance creating a body. It is the "I" and the "talent for creating" which are eternal and immortal. They leave the body when we die to enter into the spiritual world, have a holiday there and then after that, are born into the physical world again through a couple of parents. The eternal and immortal part of you contains all of the experiences which you have had while being in your body, as well as all the talents and abilities that you have had in different things. If for example you have learnt to balance a meat-bone on your nose in your past life, when you return again, you will also have this talent. You will notice that it is in fact quite easy to balance a meat bone and this is because you learnt how to do it in your former life. Isn't that great?

FELIX: Yes.. Yes... I would like to test if this is right or not ...Tomorrow I will begin to exercise!

FELICIA: There also exists something called "karma". If you for instance spent the whole time biting another dogs on their tails in a past life, other dogs will probably end up biting your tail in this one. The things we do to other individuals we always get back.

FELIX: Disgusting, it seems like a punishment to me. I always expect everyone to be nice and kind to me no matter what I have done.

Felix and reincarnation


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