Children's Introduction (fifth and last page)

FELIX: Felicia can I ask you one more thing before we finish?

FELICIA: What do you want to know?

FELIX: I have heard something about the existence of angels, what are they? Can you eat them?

FELICIA: While we are living here on the earth in these darker years, we need some help and protection from beings called "protect-angels" who live in the spirit world. Sometimes they help to make things less difficult for us. Imagine that you are in a deep forest far from civilisation and you break your leg, what would you do? Well you could pray to the "protect-angels" for assistance and they have it within their power to organise a way for you to be helped. They could inspire someone to go to the place where you are and take you to hospital for example.

FELIX: Is it really so easy?

FELICIA: Yes, all things which look like chance and coincidence could have occurred due to a little influence from the "protect-angels" in the spiritual world.

FELIX: The idea of prayer seems a little ridiculous to a "Sim-Sala-Bim... and a little man jumps out from the box".

FELICIA: It is not so ridiculous as it looks. You can just ask for help. You can talk to the angels, as if they were your best friend. They hear everything, even the smallest sigh.

FELIX: So prayers are not complicated methods which you have to know by heart?

FELICIA: Absolutely not! You can just talk to the protect-angels in the same way as you do with a friend. We can also become protect-angels when we come to the light stage and have a desire to help people here on the earth who exist in the darker states of being.

FELIX: Hmm.. it seems to be very exciting indeed! I also want to become a protect-angel, to assist the unhappy dogs that don't have good-tasting bones and help them find more delicious ones!

FELICIA: Yes why don't you!

Text and pictures by Helen Claesson
Translated by Vanessa Soodeen
The pictures are coloured by Vanessa Soodeen

Felicia, Felix and the protect-angels


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